About Me

Monalisa is a spontaneous artist whose expressions on canvas reflect peace and life at the same time. She is an exponent of the Mandala and Zen styles of art with deeply spiritual and soulful connotations. Moreover, these paintings and other artifacts have long since been believed to act as powerful charms of life, vitality and fortune. As a born artist Monalisa is thoroughly self-taught who lets her inherent instincts guide her constant desire to meditate. No wonder, then, that some of her works are completely free from the shackles of traditional restrictions of medium and material. However, while she conforms to the norms of the Mandala designs, she lets her brush take full sway over her soul while doing Zen paintings.

Although she is usually generous with colours, she sometimes chooses to be austerely monochromatic, yet managing to extract the essence of the work. With simplicity as the core of her expressions, she attempts to rationalise the perplexities of the spirit, nature and relations. Novelty in originality and vibrance in variation are her forte.

Apart from the usual oil and acrylic on canvas, she has experimented with gold foil paper, wood, metal chains, metal laser cutting, etc. She has also dabbled with pen and pencil work as well as acrylic colours on canson paper. The results are unique and intriguing, which appeal to connoisseurs and common folk alike. Indeed, her paintings are not just for fine deco, but will also positively radiate tranquility, bliss and well-being.